GPRS Locates Utilities Under Gas Plant in Raleigh, North Carolina

GPRS was conducted by a large engineering firm to locate underground utilities prior to trenching at a Liquid Natural Gas plant. Ground Penetrating Radar Systems, LLC. used a 400 MHz GPR antenna to perform the survey. The findings were marked directly on the surface with spray paint as seen in the picture above. This enabled the contractor the confidence and knowledge to continue with their excavation.

We use the latest ground penetrating technology to provide critical information on utilities, materials, and other potential obstructions within existing structures or underground. Utilizing GPR reduces risk and cost, promotes a safe work environment, and provides non-destructive testing by locating materials such as concrete, plastic, metal, steel, rock, soil, ice, and pavement. Our client base includes hospitals, universities, surveyors, engineers, homeowners, contractors, environmentalists, and excavators.