GPRS Locates Underground Using Video Pipe Inspection, North Carolina

GPRS Uses Video Pipe Inspection To Search For Utilities

GPRS has recently been able to expand our services outside of using GPR. Recently, GPRS has invested into the VPI (video pipe inspection) sector for utilities. The image below shows a large sink hole that formed on the property in Charlotte, North Carolina from a recent issue with a storm drain. The customer was not able to identify the issue from visual clues in the area. GPRS was called out to the site to do an in depth investigation of the project, using non-destructive testing methods. With VPI, we have multiple cameras we can use depending on the specific application. Robotic crawlers are used for larger pipes over 6” in diameter. The remote control crawler camera can travel up to 1000’ from an access point. In this application, this is the service that we were able to provide to the customer. Once GPRS was able to gain access to a local storm drain, we were able to traverse the pipe and identify the location where the pipe was defective and had failed. Another request of the customer for this project was to determine if there were any other voids in the area where the obvious void was located. Our project manager was able to use a 400 MHz utility antenna to help identify any potential voids in the area. Fortunately, we did not find any other voids. The final step for this project was to help identify any other utilities or anomalies in the area prior to excavating and repairing the damaged pipe. GPRS was able to help identify any other potential unknowns in the area, so there were no line strikes or damages to the utilities onsite.

There are several applications for which GPR can be used. I would encourage you to visit our website for more information on all of our services. Often we are working for contractors who have projects that could result in the use of multiple technologies or GPR applications on one site. For instance, another application for VPI would be a smaller push camera. A push camera is used for pipes measuring between 2”- 6” in diameter. A push camera can travel 150’-175’ down a utility line from a single access point. Also, we have VPI systems that can do a lateral launch from a main pipe into a secondary pipe. Often this happens during a cross bore from a contractor working in the area. Cross bore mitigation investigation usually is needed when there’s an intersection between an existing underground utility and a second utility that results in direct contact between the utilities.

GPRS has multiple project managers and team members in North Carolina, South Carolina and across the USA. For more information, please contact me directly so we can be sure to help identify those unknowns and prevent line strikes and hits on your projects.

Curtis Hoag

Business Development Manager NC | SC


GPRS does not provide geophysical, geological, land surveying or engineering services. If you need such services, please contact an appropriate professional.