Private Utility Locate using GPR in Raleigh, North Carolina.Add an item

Ground Penetrating Radar Solutions - GPRS - of South Carolina was contacted by a general contractor to locate any utilities within 10’ of a refreshment stand at the Coastal Credit Union Music Park. The client was updating and running new conduit to a few of the refreshment stands and needed all of the utilities marked out prior to trenching. A 10’ area around each stand was marked out and painted on the surface to assure safe digging and a safe project. We used Ground Penetrating Radar (GPR) and EM pipe locator to locate multiple electrical feeds, water line, and communication lines in the area. It is important to call GPRS to get any private utilities located to assure a safe project and to avoid any unnecessary costs or down time. GPRS has a greater than 99% accuracy rate around the country and prides itself in keeping projects running smoothly and safely. GPRS is able to mark any findings in real time so that the general contractor can work directly with GPRS to solve problems and investigate additional areas if needed. This project was completed with no issues and no line strikes thanks to the utility locates and clear communication between GPRS and the client.

Photo of one of our Project Managers scanning with a compact GPR unit onsite at Coastal Credit Union Music Park. GPRS takes pride in keeping everyone safe onsite and helping solve problems onsite. Ground Penetrating Radar is a great tool to scan areas for locating underground utilities before drilling soil borings, digging, or excavating, as well as locating underground storage tanks or tank “graves”. GPR can also be used to scan concrete and locate rebar, post tension cables, and conduits, including PVC pipes. If you need anything scanned in Raleigh, Durham or anywhere else give us a call and we will have a SIM certified Project Manager on your site as soon as possible.

In the North Carolina/South Carolina area GPRS is usually able to get a project manager out to your site to complete the necessary GPR scans within 24 hours depending on the time of the year. To schedule service or obtain a quote, please contact Jim Bell at 919-671-9476, or MidAtlanticinfo@gprsinc.com or visit www.gprsinc.com.

GPRS does not provide geophysical, geological, land surveying or engineering services. If you need such services, please contact an appropriate professional.