The importance of GPR Services

The days of “let’s dig it up and repair what we damage” are over. When I first dove into this industry ten years ago I heard this phrase all too often. We would arrive on site to assist in locating the unknown subsurface obstacles the contractor would encounter during their excavation that day while the crew on site is chomping at the bit to shove that bucket into the ground. This typically is the beginning of a great relationship because we are just as excited as the contractor is to start digging, I was just as excited to find all of the utilities including the ones no one was aware of. For this particular project, we were to scan roughly 317 linear feet of a future trench in Raleigh, NC. The contractor was going to trench three and a half feet down. The contractor had the potential trench already mapped out with white spray paint prior to our arrival, which was extremely helpful and increased the communication prior to the project being completed. What is crazy is, in the event that they would have started to trench “blind”, they would have shredded through two main feeders and an unknown gas line. We were able to map everything out directly on the surface in real time, along with collecting the data for the deliverable. The contractor requested a Google Earth overlay along with a non-survey grade CAD drawing showing all of the utilities. At the end of the day, Ground Penetrating Radar Systems was not only able to help the client avoid costly mistakes, but we were able to update their on-site as-builts as well.

Ground Penetrating Radar’s primary intent in starting the business was to give contractors a reliable way to scan into concrete and foundational slabs in order to avoid cutting embedded electrical conduits and critical reinforcing steel. These are immensely important services in the construction industry as it helps to maintain structural integrity and avoid major human error leading to increasing costs and man hours. Obviously, in a field with such dramatic implications, reliability and credibility are the cornerstones. While GPRS performs this type work on a regular basis, there are many other applications in which our services can be deployed and as we have grown over the past decade, we have become industry leaders in the nuances of GPR in specific circumstances, including the scanning of cemeteries and burial plots.

Since our inception, GPRS has grown to a nationwide enterprise and has completed over three-hundred thousand projects. This success is due to our high level of customer service coupled with our unique market position. Unlike many other companies that provide GPR services, GPRS offers no ancillary services and therefore our field operators are able to dedicate 100% of their time and effort in perfecting this particular tradecraft. Indicative of our dedication to this function is the fact that we are the only national GPR company specializing solely in this service. We perform GPR services every day in a variety of complex and often unique environments. This gives us familiarity with environments and in situations that other firms would find foreign. Further, this is not something we do once in a while; our project managers are in the field every day. We are very proud of this dedication to our craft and of our performance record. To demonstrate our environmental experience, GPRS has been involved in projects ranging from small residential jobs to major construction projects with values in excess of $4 Billion.

GPRS is the largest private property underground utility locating and concrete scanning company in the United States of America. If you have any questions on how we can bring value to your project, please reach out to your local Ground Penetrating Radar Systems, LLC office at of call us at 919.671.9476. We look forward to serving you on your project.

GPRS does not provide geophysical, geological, land surveying or engineering services. If you need such services, please contact an appropriate professional.